So who is Alphabet Monkey?????….

Alphabet Monkey is a baby and boys bedlinen and lifestyle brand started in 2010 after the birth of my own little monkey.

Alphabet Monkey creates  modern quilts specifically for unisex and little boys nurseries using on-trend colour combinations and our own exclusive fabrics.  Our contemporary approach allows patchwork to fit seamlessly into any modern nursery.  

 From 2010 till the present all of our products have been designed and produced right here in our studio in a beachside village on the east coast of Australia.

Due to your amazing support and interest in our brand we continue to grow. We are now working in partnership and supporting small cottage industry in Indonesia to produce our product ranges.  We are proud to bring to you superior quality and I have travelled personally to visit and work with each maker that we have collaborated with to ensure this.

Our Product

Our fabrics are screen printed by hand in Indonesia by our fabulous printers. They provide us with a superior quality printing which is also environmentally friendly using natural Japanese seaweed gels.  The water classing systems are also ensuring only fresh water is flushed out into the local rivers..and I've seen it myself.

The dyes are vibrant and colourfast and best of all our blacks don't fade..cause I'm sick of buying blacks that are grey after one wash!

There can be some variation due to the hand screening process however we regard that as part of the feature of a hand made product rather than a fault.

Our quilts and toys are sewn by small local sewing co-ops. It provides jobs within local communities under fair trade wages and conditions. We visit regularly so we can assure you of this.

Our products are produced in very small minimums of 12. This means that we may not be as cheap as things made in China or India however we believe that we are getting a superior product that is not mass produced. 

We like the fact we are supporting grass roots industry in one of Australias' developing neighbours and enjoy the fact we can know where and how our products are being made and by whom.  This is important to us and I believe it is important to our customers too.

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